poems by Donald James Dolby
Can I Lose These Blues With You
Can I lose these Blues
Can I lose these Blues
All my life I've had these Blues
Can I lose these Blues . . . . with you.

The Blues are there to greet me
In the morning when I wake
Send me to sleep in the evening
Wonder, when will my soul break
The sun may be shining above
The sky may be bluer than blue
These words may be just fucking awful
But its the Blues that is fucking me up.

Can I lose these Blues, etc.

You may not see the Blues in me
I've learnt to hide it well
They only see, those close to me
From them I cannot hide the hell.
My friend, JD, helps for a while
But the comfort is always brief
The more he helps, the worse it is
Still leaves me crying, crying for relief.

Can I lose these Blues, etc

I've tried to tell this living hell
That tears my heart apart
I hope you've heard my tortured words
And pictured my aching heart
May be there's no cure for me
And my Blues will never leave
Until I find another place
Where we can find some peace.
Notes :-
October 2000, High Wycombe