poems by Donald James Dolby
Dance With Me My Darlin'
Chorus: Dance with me, my darlin;
Dance with me tonight
Dance with me my darlin'
Everythings gonna be alright.

You can have your Eagles playin'
I'll take Green on Red
We can dance till our feet are frayin'
With the music in our head
We can sway to the Whole Of The Moon
Ride the Rocky Mountain Way
We can rock to the Destroyers
There is no other way.

Let's dance to Elvis Presley
Little Feat and Skynyrd too
The Doors, The Stones and Jimi tones
To a Foxy Lady like you.

Chorus: Dance with me, my darlin'.......

You can listen to Rick Nelson now
Take you back to then
You can come right back to Coldplay now
Then we can start again
Dancing to the music we've heard all our lives
Even Jon Bon Jovi, Aerosmith and all
Will not fail us now, we don't need our steely knives
We're not checking out and we don't want to leave.

So let's rock some more tonight
Let's see what we can do
Let the music take us now
Let's dance till the mornings due.
Notes :-
October 2000, High Wycombe