poems by Donald James Dolby
Pedro The Duck Is Doing OK!
Me? I'm getting by and working
Doing the things I always do,
Sitting here and thinking thoughts
About the days I spent with you.
Your space was quickly filled but not for me
Somebody else is there now but they
Cannot bring your smile back to me
But Pedro the Duck is doing OK!

He tells me what I cannot hear
But his soundless words are full
Of sorrow, tears, smiles and laughter
Shall I laugh or cry or wait until
I have the chance to be with you again
Shall I shout, shall I pray
Tell me Pedro please, which way?
But Pedro the Duck is doing OK!

I wish I could be like him
Sitting quietly, knowing nothing
But wise beyond his size
Telling me not to feel a thing.
How can he know how I wish
My mind had a switch and I could say
Please can I stop thinking today
But Pedro the Duck is doing OK!
Notes :-
October 2000, High Wycombe