poems by Donald James Dolby
The Sweetshop next to Grandma's House
Buried deep from long ago, a memory came back to me
What brought the thought I cannot say
What wonders of the mind combine, such memories to arouse
But what a pleasure it gave to me
To be reminded of the sweetshop next to Grandma's house.

Bottles, jars and colours by the score; what to choose
Rainbrow Drops, Kay-li (or sherbert to the South)
Refreshers, Spangles, Five Boys and - oh, so many more.
We couldn't wait to take our pennies
To Grandma's house and visit the old sweetshop next door.

White pointed paper bags, I remember, held the treats
Served by Miss Barrett, Ada I recall
We loved to walk down Stanley Street and hear the bell
Of the little shop as we walked in
Through the door of the sweetshop next to Grandma's house.
Notes :-
November 2000