poems by Donald James Dolby
Ode to Dave Carroll
See the ball bend and swing
Must be Davie Carroll, Wycombe king
See his run, twist and turn
Oh to play like that the fans all yearn.

Wycombe watching these last few years
Has rarely ended up in tears
But to say goodbye to that man Jesus
Its hard to say how sad that leaves us.

Safe to say he was the best
Adams Park was truly blessed
When mazy dribbles thrilled us all
Before delivering a pinpoint ball.

Wycombe thronged to Wembley
more than once to see him score;
Preston may be always proud
But Davie Carroll thrilled the crowd.

M. O'Neill brought back his squad
To honour Jesus - from a god
And now we'd like the chance to show
How sad we'll be to see him go.

So good luck Dave, off to the 'Shot
We hope your form is really hot
Score some goals, find more fame
Adams Park won't seem the same.
Notes :-
December 2001, High Wycombe