poems by Donald James Dolby
Singing The Blues Again
Dark blue was red
Light blue was white
Royal blue was bluer than blue
And so was I.

We travelled together
My son and I
He in the Dark and Light
Me in the Blue and White.

Anticipation was so great
Three long weeks we had to wait
Was it real, was it true
Or Playstation taking over you.

My mind is still not straight
My thoughts still all askew
Can I still watch Wycombe now
After they beat my boys in blue.

From Conference through to League
The Trophy and the Play-offs too
I could support both my teams
Until they shattered all my dreams.

Leicester City is in my heart
It always will be so
But twenty years in Wycombe town
Means too much to let it go.

So we'll be at the Villa soon
In the same stand, side by side
Hoping Wanderers can do in Blue
What the Foxes failed to do.

To reach the final, wear the crown
Cup fever spreads across the town
My disappointment fades away
After all next year is another day.
Notes :-
Don Dolby
March 2001