poems by Donald James Dolby
Rudolph's Blues
Rudolph, Rudolph É are you fit?
"I'm not ready," said he. "It's much too quick."
December's here and we must away.
"No, I'm staying in bed, not pulling your sleigh."

Rudolph, Rudolph É where you at?
"I cannot go," he said. "I'm much too fat."
But children everywhere have heard the news.
"No, it's dark and cold and I've got the blues."

Rudolph, Rudolph É you cannot stay
I need you now to pull my sleigh.
The Blues I know can bring you down,
But please get up and lose your frown.

"These Blues are bad, I'm sure you know,
They chain you tight and don't let go,
But I'll shake them off just for you
For the kids awaiting can't be blue."

"Santa, Santa É I'm ready to go
To pull your sleigh over roofs and snow,
But let me tell you or my nose isn't red
I'm going to spend next year in bed!"
Notes :-
December 2001