poems by Donald James Dolby
Around The World
As around the world you travel
You may have time, thoughts to unravel
On a plane, a train or maybe a bus
Just take a moment to think of us.

Under the stars or on the trail
Enjoy yourselves, you cannot fail
To gain from this for all life through
Make it work, its down to you.

Bangkok should be fun, the islands great
With Australia waiting - OK Mate!
Find some work in pub or on land
Then on again to New Zealand.

Fiji, of course, in the sun
Sit by the ocean when the day is done,
San Francisco via LA
All too soon you'll be on your way.

New York, perhaps still sad by then
But you should visit and remember them
Then home at last you both will come
Sorry its over, but Oh Happy Mum!

Notes :-
September 2001
For Wayne on his travels