poems by Donald James Dolby
Venue of Memories
Bright and white, still standing tall
The towers gleam
And all men dream
While waiting for the wrecking ball.

One last look, so glad I came
Can't see the pitch
But how we wish
That we could see just one more game.

Imagine how the crowd once roared
Every voice as one
Echoes only linger one
Where hopes and dreams before had soared.

Each memory now, so personal to cherish
Kept close to heart
Never to depart
Concrete, bricks and glass are all that perish.

Farewell at last, let's weep no tears
For games you've seen
On grass so green
Throughout its seventy-seven years.
Notes :-
Written on the demolition of the old Wembley stadium

October 2002, High Wycombe