poems by Donald James Dolby
Are you sure?
Maybe I'm thinking I've been wrong
All my life
And I'm thinking they are right
That this life
Is not for you and not for me
And this strife
Is futile now and always was
Marx was wrong
Might will prevail, your place and mine
Was never there
Maybe we pretend that we will win
But are you sure?

Sometimes I think that this is it
That's all there is, its time to quit
Is there any point in going on
But then I think of all of you
Do you depend on me?
Is that really true?
I'm not sure of any thing.
Sometimes I think I've done enough
Perhaps that's when its really tough
And I should give it one more shot
Am I selfish, am I not
Giving in - it seems so wrong
I feel so weak and should be strong.
Notes :-
July 2002, Hazlemere