poems by Donald James Dolby
Robins sing, bells ring
If the robin sings this year
Will it be for you and me?
If the bells ring out this year
Will they tell us we are free?
If the snow falls thick this year
Will it cover all our woes?
If the frost is rhymy white this year
Will it tingle at your toes?
If the stars are shining bright this year
Will they show us what to do?
If the berries are so red this year
Will it signify to you
That if the bullets fly this year
Not only berries will be red
And if the bombs still fall this year
So many more will not be fed.
Come robins sing to bring us cheer
Come bells ring an end to fear
Come snow and frost, bright and clear
World live in peace this year?
Notes :-
November 2004