poems by Donald James Dolby
Reflections on Hammersmith
Steve and The Dukes were coming on strong
Twenty minutes in and nothing but song
No monologues yet, no soliloquies long
But waitÉnow he's telling us right from wrong.

He's against the chair and against the war
For electing Bush, couldn't apologise more
Did all we could to get votes out the door
Only thing left - revolution in store.

He said I hear Trevor's not in Town
Holiday virus has struck him down
"Tell him," Steve said. "I'll be Comin' Around.
See him next time. We'll make a fine sound."

The Dukes were rockin' and they knew how
Come Mr Earle and take a bow
Make your music and they will not cow
Spirits like yours - the revolution starts now.
Notes :-
For a good friend who missed the gig

November 2004
Hazlemere and on train to Leicste