poems by Donald James Dolby
Not a Stereotypical Man
A stereotyper - an apprentice
His working life began
A title proudly worn
But far from a stereotypical man.

From a family with history
Father, Uncles, maybe more
Made the trek from Fulham
For the Spanish Civil War.

A proud tradition to uphold
But Ian bears it well
Never flinching, never failing
To give the bosses hell.

Reputations go before
And sometimes fail to hold
But here the man can justify
All the tales we told.

A stereotyper proud
Ian worked at K&H
Seven weeks I'd been here too
When he had us out the gates.

He was still inside, of course
Locked in, he wouldn't flinch
Until we gained that shorter week
Nothing less - not an inch.

National Council work, we see
Took him from the floor
But Ian always had a wider view
To change the world - no more!

Ian had his heroes too
In the music he would choose
Huey ÔPiano' Smith could be heard
New Orleans rhythm n blues.

Living next to a US base
In the fifties sure was fun
When the music that he heard
Wasn't heard by everyone.

Political heroes too, of course
Often compared to Uncle Joe
But Wade or Stalin must you ask
If you know Ian, you'll know.

Many a year an officer now
Working hard for members all
He will be missed, no doubt
But still he'll answer if we call.

Retirement may beckon him
Life and work are hard to juggle
But we know that Comrade Ian
Will never leave the struggle.

Notes :-
Ode to Ian Cummings - great friend and comrade - on his retirement from full time office