poems by Donald James Dolby
Nature's Hidden Treasures
Nature wraps its brilliant treasures
In coats of thorn and shell
It shields the best of all its pleasures
Protects them strong and hides them well.

Butterflies burst from chrysalis to flight
Bringing beauty to the meadows,
Chestnuts hold their conkers bright
Till boys can strike their deadly blows.

Snowdrops, daffodils, bluebells, too
Carpet the woodland floor
Nature's secret gifts unfurled
Where none was there before.

Ross, you can be that butterfly
Given the chance to grow
Your goals as high as the wide blue sky
Your talents you will show.

You can be those flowers, too
Given love and understanding
Others always there for you
Unquestioning and undemanding.

We all need the chance to learn
To bring our talents to the fore
Let us not deny each their turn
To carpet the woodland floor.
Notes :-
Written for Ross, grandson of Trevor Town