poems by Donald James Dolby
Set Our Union Free
Laws that strangle, laws that bind
Laws that stifle common kind
Do we live in a democracy
Then do away with this bureaucracy
Legal ballots and an outright ban
On supporting our fellow man
These laws I'm sure that you can see
So unjust for you and me
Let's just set our union free.

For men and women the union cares
Working people the struggle shares
A special case we do not plead
Fairness and freedom is what we need
In any sense these laws are wrong
All workers need a union strong
Trades Unions need an even field
To these laws we'll never yield
Let's tear down their legal shield.

We cannot claim democracy
If workers are not free
To organise and act together
To protect and not to wonder whether
Their union will appear in court
Just for seeking our support
Working women and working men
Must fight for change and maybe then
We'll set our union free again.
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