poems by Donald James Dolby
Santa's Empty Sack
Santa’s sack was empty
He had to raise some cash
The bank laughed and said to Mr Claus
How can you be so rash?
Don’t you know there are no loans
’Cos we have caused a crash,
Now I must go, the banker said,
or I’ll be late for our Christmas bash.

Santa went to the Government
They’ll bail me out, he thought,
They can’t let children go without
the presents that they sought.
I’m sorry, Mr Claus, they said
We cannot help – though we know we ought
The banks have taken everything
And in the middle you’ve been caught.

What can I do? thought Santa in despair
This can’t go on, there must be something new.
With what will I fill my sack this year
to give pleasure to the many, not the few?
Perhaps we don’t need bankers
City dealers, speculators, too.
Santa smiled and filled his sack
Power to control your lives, this year I’ll give to you.
Notes :-
Christmas Poem 2008