poems by Donald James Dolby
Thin Black Ice
Santa ride your sleigh with care
watch for the black ice lurking there
the frozen snow not cleared yet
must be something to do with the mounting debt!

Very thin ice we are skating on
it’s all our fault – yes, everyone!
in it together, now that seems fair
especially if you’re a millionaire!

Santa can you find the quality of elves
now their training they have to fund themselves
you’ll be on your own before you know
plodding onwards through the snow.

The reindeers have gone, your helpers too
the council has cut them – next is you
campaign in the streets, far and near
or there will be no Christmas, I fear.

Things held dear – they all have to go
all that remains is the ice and the snow
gone will be welfare, education and health
not too hard if you have the wealth.

The poor and the needy, no ifs or buts
but the bankers’ bonus won’t suffer the cuts
politicians beware – we have your measure
and we’ll defend this society that we treasure.

No alternative! – now that’s a joke
when this country is far from broke
my Christmas wish with Christmas cheer
is give us the will to fight back next year.
Notes :-
Christmas Poem 2010