poems by Donald James Dolby
The Snowman Melts
A snowman is a joy to see
When made and modelled so perfectly
Standing so still and so assured
Until the day his soul is thawed.
Melting slowly in the winter sun
A few days only, his job is done
Very soon only carrot and coal
Left behind – a gaping hole.

A banker is a joy to find
Savings and loans, and peace of mind
Standing tall, full of respect
Until his greed, the economy wrecked.
Pensions melting, savings gone
Only banker’s bonus lingers on
No respect, he’s sold his soul
Leaving behind – a gaping hole.

Christmas can be a joy to savour
A gift to ourselves – let’s not waiver
Standing proud and fighting back
We will not melt, we will not crack.
Bankers, financiers, should beware
Over your shoulder we will be there
Standing together we will not fold
They cannot defeat the worker’s soul.
Notes :-
Christmas 2011