poems by Donald James Dolby
A Brighter Future
Amidst the gloom, amidst the sorrow
I see a hope of a brighter tomorrow
She’s four months old
Spreads joy untold
All of her life yet to unfold.

Maya is here and so full of fun
With so much living yet to be done
Big sister Chloe will show her the way
She might even give Maya her toys to play
So long as she promises to put them away!

My Christmas wish is to let them be strong
To live their lives happy and long
To love their world
With their hearts unfurled
To continue the struggle to right the wrong.

Grandparents of the world unite
Pass the baton, continue the fight
Their world, our world, still needs to be won
Wish them luck, every granddaughter and son
Have courage and strength till the task is done.
Notes :-
Christmas 2012 - for two beautiful granddaughters