poems by Donald James Dolby
A Tale of George Jerrom
I didn’t know George in days of old
Or the many stories that could be told
By many comrades who know him well
But there is one story that I can tell.

We were still the GPMU
At the Norbreck Castle with a sea view
Conference recall was the reason
To be in Blackpool out of season.

Business done and comrades filled the bar
Across the land from near and far
The drinks flowed till the morning light
Not many lasted through the night.

I think I retired when it was light
Five in the morning if I remember right
An hour in bed before the fire alarm
Rang and rang with all its charm.

Into the car park we all gathered
Some in nightwear, some had staggered
Some could hardly even stand
But a figure appeared with drink in hand.

Straight from the bar came our chum
Smiling broadly never glum
George had made it through till dawn
The coolest comrade ever born.

We wish you well, George, our friend
May your party never end
Enjoy your birthday and a drink or two
And let’s remember:
We are many, they are few!
Notes :-
March 2013 - written for a great comrade's 80th birthday