poems by Donald James Dolby
A Challenge Accepted
All set to bring my usual dark depressing rhymes
To thrill you in my usual way
Not difficult in these hard economic times
When in my inbox popped Steve’s latest mail.

A challenge indeed - but I can’t get nearer
Than quoting a line by the great Tom Lehrer
Lying there this morning, thinking in the dark
But never quite as easy as Poisoning Pigeons in the Park.

What to write, what to compose
For this poet comic verse is the hardest thing
And when my funny pen refuses to be verbose
I sometimes wish that I could just get up and sing.

But I’ve kept my death count low
And all my love’s requited
At least the part she doesn’t bestow
On Manchester United!

Maybe I’ve raised a smile
This poem’s written with that belief
Not sure if it is comic
But it sure has been a relief!
Notes :-
March 2013 - the challenge was a theme set at our local folk to avoid our usual themes of death and