poems by Donald James Dolby
The Stones Roll On
Gathering no moss, still rolling along
Standing here waiting for my favourite song
Did I think twice
‘Bout paying the price
Maybe I did – but not for long.

Fifty years of gigging has left its visible toll
On the Stones and me but still we roll
By road and the river
If the band can deliver
Another great gig we’ll never grow old.

The band as good as they ever have been
This may be The Last Time but strange as it may seem
We don’t regret one penny piece
Of the price they charge and the fans they fleece
For the greatest gig we have ever seen.

Honky Tonk Women and Sweet Virginia played low
Songs Tumbling’ like Dice and still they flow
How can we ever stop shouting for more
Encore after encore each better than before
Exhausted, we finally all have to go.

Is it All Over Now or can they go on
Mick, Keith, Charlie and Ron
Dead Flowers on a Moonlight Mile
Memories that make me smile
The Stones will keep rolling along.

Notes :-
For Trevor on paying the earth to see the Stones again!