poems by Donald James Dolby
On Breedon Hill
Delicate white butterfly with orange-tipped wing
Dance on by, make my heart sing
Joined by your mate the patterns you weave
Like silk in the morning but gone by eve
Your life is not long
So soon you are gone
But the joy that you bring
Lasting much longer than your orange-tipped wing.

Delicate little bird with your black-capped head
Warble away, take away my dread
Summer goes on and we still hear your song
Many have left but you linger long
Your song is so sweet
So loud and so strong
And the joy that you spread
My soul has been fed.
With the wonderful sound from your black-capped head.

Now at the top with tower so high
Look up, I’m sure it reaches the sky
Sheep in the meadow, grazing serene
Breedon Church looks out on the scene
Up here on my own
My troubles have flown
Before I descend I might have one try
And just see if I can touch the sky.
Notes :-
A favourite place