poems by Donald James Dolby
An August Night Remembered
Thunder cracked and lightning struck
As the rain came tumbling down
Heard the news that night
The king had lost his crown.

That August night since he left us
And found a new place to dwell
We’ve lived our lives on Lonely Street
Sustained by the stories we can tell.

Throughout our lives, our rock ‘n’ roll lives
You didn’t have to be a fan
But if the beat could move your soul
Then Elvis was the man.

To be born mid-century
Such a privilege and a thrill
Watching rock ’n’ roll evolve
And never be over the hill.

It may be that early Sun Sound
Where Elvis left a gaping hole,
It may be all those awful films
That filled your lonely soul.

It may be the 68 Special
The TV comeback show
Or maybe those later Vegas years
When sideburns and stomach began to grow.

From the early pelvic thrusts
To the swirling cape unfurled
His vocal interpretation
Was like nothing in this world.

Though never the greatest fan
He left a void right in my soul
But he also left a gift that cannot be denied
He left us rock ’n’ roll.
Notes :-
On the anniversary of Elvis's death, August 2013