poems by Donald James Dolby
A Victorian Christmas?
Come enjoy our Victorian Christmas, the advert beckoned to me
Come enjoy our Christmas Fayre
Our food and wine and song
Come enjoy our company
Bring your children, join the throng.

Romanticise your nostalgia, the thought that came to me
Of skating on the pond
Bright scarves a-flying
Come enjoy the chestnuts roasting
But beware your memories lying.

Another Victorian Christmas, an image came to me
Come gather at the food bank
Come warm up at our fire
Welcome back to Victorian times
In the 21st Century.

The reality that you choose may depend on where you stand
But many do not have that choice
Their choice twixt food or heat
Not even a spare bedroom for family to gather round and share
This Victorian Christmas that brings shame upon our land.

Let’s banish this Victorian Christmas to the past where it belongs
Our world can surely provide
All that every family needs
With a little more political will and a little less corporate greed
We can right these wrongs.
Notes :-
Christmas 2013