poems by Donald James Dolby
Leicestershire Flatlands
You may sing about those Texas plains
You can sing about Australia fair
Argentinian pampas and the Serengetti too
The romantic cities of Europe
May have their hold on you
But there is a place that calls to me
Wherever I may roam
These Leicestershire flatlands are calling me home.

The farmlands and the market towns
The heart of England, far from any sea
From Market Harborough to Loughborough Town
From Melton to Shepshed too
My Leicestershire flatlands are calling to me.

So you can keep your New York skyline and your Californian beaches
Keep your Sydney Blue Mountains and your Bondi Beach
Keep your Buenos Aires, Rio and the rest
Let me get back to the place I love the best.

The yellowhammer singing for his bit of cheese
Skylark soaring high above my head
Wily fox stalking his prey
Fields of corn waving as I pass on my way
These signs and sounds, these colours and smells
These flatlands of Leicestershire never fail to please.

There are no mountains to climb
and few lakes to swim
But there is something about our farmlands
Our streams and rivers too
Our leafy lanes and birds in every tree
That makes these Leicestershire flatlands sing their song to me.
Notes :-
October 2014