poems by Donald James Dolby
Paris is the city of love

Paris is the city of light

But darkness fell

One dark November night.

They came to kill
They came to maim
But surely underneath
Aren’t we all the same?

What makes them tick
What makes them think
That they might rule
The thoughts that others think.

History is littered
With men like these
Blinded by a faith
And a god to please.

Whatever your belief
Whatever your creed
There is no justification
In making others bleed.

Go about your personal faith
But do not lay the blame
If others choose another path
Which isn’t just the same.

Christmas is a time to give
Christmas is a time to love
Not a time to send
Our bombs raining from above.

Let us spread our word of hope
Let us not give in to fear
Let us make a little progress
In the coming year.
Notes :-
Written after the Paris club attach November 2015