poems by Donald James Dolby
A Place I Knew
Never again shall I go home to the place I knew
For it has changed,
And all is strange
In Melton Town where as a boy I grew.

Melton Mowbray, you are never so forlorn,
Pall Mall and Timber Hill
A street called old Beck Mill
From deep within, your heart has now been torn.

I remember many wet feet, now where to look
From side to side
In one big stride
We'd try to jump, of course, the brook.

The cattle market every week on Tuesday morning,
A rabbit, a sheep, a bird,
And, of course, cows by the herd
Suddenly a bull is loose, "Look Out" goes up the warning.

So sad to see as building after building tumbles down,
Here a house, there a shop
No cobble stones on which to clop,
No I will never go back to Melton Town.
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