poems by Donald James Dolby
November Forest Frost
The early morning forest glistened in its coat of white,
Shining frost, sparkling, quiet, hiding all its life;
Fox, well-filled, stealthily seeks its warm den
Young rabbit scampers, skates, tumbles down a hole
Deer, deep in to the trees, huddle together
Seeking shelter while the dawn brings light.

The sun shines in, still cold, but what magic it betrays
Webs of spiders, silken threads, moistened, brightened, jewelled in the rays
Of golden wonder coming from afar
To give the icy crust an illuminating glow,
Crowning the glory of the morn.

Gaining warmth, the sun climbs high,
Slowly melting away the earth's white coat;
Thus revealed are greens and browns, scattering the
six-legged miracles
Of many hues, rushing, pushing, swarming over the ground
Teaming food for hedgehog, badger and hound.

The day is short and dusk comes early
Casting a misty grey cloak, descending low,
Hiding blackbirds roosting deep in the dense hedgerow. Darkness hastens, coldness grows,
Forest prepares
To don again its cloak of white.
Notes :-
For Dad - he loved the forest

Ringwood, November 1987